Savvy regulators require savvy solutions

I find it very interesting that in a world where technology changes faster than some people change their minds, there are firms still utilizing old methodologies.

These firms review trade reports utilizing printouts, spreadsheets or in-house built systems that are time-consuming and leave firms open to human error and scrutiny. How many times have these reports being reviewed utilizing these processes been misfiled, discarded or simply not reviewed? When they are correctly printed and reviewed, these firms now have the obligation to store these reports and the arduous task of retrieving them when they have an exam or regulatory request.

Regulators are becoming savvier in both document capture and analysis. They are utilizing gateways and provided with access to databases and third-party systems, making reviews quicker and more efficient for all parties.

Thus, the need for a competent report capture and review system is required. 


Think of how much time, money and effort can be saved if you could log into a web-based system from either your office or home where you are able to: review all your reports, add commentary, attach material support data, flag for further review, forward to other parties (based on workflow), and have it all time stamped with user credentials for future reference; not to mention the ability to store all data securely in a WORM compliant format.

No longer will you need to be concerned about the following:

  1. Does the printer have enough paper, will it jam or have some other production issue?
  2. When the person who built the in-house system leaves, who will troubleshoot issues and support it?
  3. After initial reviews, were the reports presented to the necessary parties for completion or additional commentary on a timely basis and recorded accordingly?
  4. Storing files for the prescribed retention time both on and off-site. Managing proper disposal of those files that no longer need to be retained, as well as the cost associated with this process.

StopStop utilizing outdated processes. Update your systems and be protected.

Do any of these challenges ring true for you? Click here to visit DbCom-EQube website. 

Original article on LinkedIn: Compliance Related Documentation Storage Review: Commentary

Posted by Anthony Falce, Senior Sales and Account Manager for DbCom-EQube a FinTech and Regulatory Compliance solutions provider. Contact Anthony at


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