Did I miss something?

How many times have we left the office and asked ourselves, “Did we complete all our daily procedures today?” Whether it be Compliance making sure they update various procedural logs, Trading managing client limits, or Sales updating call logs; most firms cannot escape the fact that some processes are still partially manual and as a... Continue Reading →

Fixed Income: The Public Finance Engagement System by EQube

EQube’s Public Finance Engagement (PFE) solution was created with the notion of providing a platform to assist firms to capture investor assurance while maintaining market integrity and increasing efficiency. The PFE module: Provides a centralized and cost-effective solution for compliance officers & underwriters. Enables underwriters to maintain user information & meet due diligence obligations. Provides... Continue Reading →

Protecting business-critical data from Ransomware

Last Friday's global WannaCry Ransomware attack is a reminder of just how vulnerable businesses can really be from cyber attacks and the challenges they face with constantly having to execute best practices related to security measures. A comprehensive cybersecurity plan should not just include employees but firm-wide. “…because at the end of the day what... Continue Reading →

Savvy regulators require savvy solutions

I find it very interesting that in a world where technology changes faster than some people change their minds, there are firms still utilizing old methodologies. These firms review trade reports utilizing printouts, spreadsheets or in-house built systems that are time-consuming and leave firms open to human error and scrutiny. How many times have these... Continue Reading →

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